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Solo,Duo (with Piano)


 Ⅰ. 七割程の水袋 Introduction  for the Body

   Ⅱ. 三日月と星 Nocturne for Metals

  Ⅲ. 森へ、森へ、森へ。Scherzo for Woods & Clarinet solo

  Ⅳ. これからも… Finale for Membranes


7/8 for Snare Drum (+Splash Cymbal) Solo (2006)


「花火」 for Timpani Solo (2006)


【MOONSET】for Marimba Solo


「雨と蛙」Scherzo for Temple Blocks and Washboard Solo (2012)


「ソナチネ」 打楽器独奏とピアノのための(2012)


Octopus' Dance   (Duo ver.)


小組曲「星物語より」 A Little Suite “Dear our little planet”

     for Bass Trombone Solo and Piano (+Percussion) (2007)

     Ⅰ. Overture ~Wind  Ⅱ. Intermezzo ~Song  Ⅲ. Finale ~Smile 


「翼」Duo for Flute and Contrabass

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